StatWatch started as a way to track the growth of a personal project—Alchemist Camp. A couple of weeks into the project after recording nearly daily YouTube videos, a few people started subscribing and I found myself wanting to record its progress.

Since the entire project was teaching people the Elixir programming language, I decided to just build my own stat monitoring tool and, while I was at it, make a lesson of it. After doing so, a few people asked if I could also monitor their sites, twitter profiles or youtube channels. I figured why not? I'd already done the work to put it together. And at that point, why not share with more people?

Maybe a few of you will even be curious about learning to write web apps in Elixir, too!

Here's the specific lesson where StatWatch was born:

For those of you who just want to log some stats for your various projects, that's fine too!

Feel free to say hi on Twitter or Indie Hackers!